Take you to learn about the 'Promotion Integration' plan of high-speed ETC - Xi'an Cool Dragon Group

2024-05-06 15:38 Xi'an Cool Dragon Group

High speed lineETC's existing channel partners are very familiar with our cooperation policies, one of which is very attractive, that is, the "promotion integration" plan formulated by the company.What was saidIntegrationIt means that the company and channel partners are integrated in promotion, and the company's official platform fully assists channel partners and helps them grow rapidly.

When joining, many channel partners are worried that they will have no results or very little results in the initial period of time, wasting their time and being very anxious.company'sThe “integrated promotion” solution effectively addresses channel dealers’ concerns in this regard.

along withWith the rapid development and expansion of ETC promotion business across the country, Gaosuxing ETC has become more and more well-known in the market and has become a rising star in the ETC field. Every day, a large number of car owners apply for Gaosuxing ETC in the official background of Gaosuxing. If it is another ETC brand, the company may directly help the user to handle it when encountering such a situation, but Gaosuxing is different. Considering that the newly joined channel dealers do not promote a lot of ETC devices every day, the company assigns these users to the channel dealer team to let them earn more profits.

Our agents have just started to promote high-speedDuring ETC, we often stationed at places with heavy traffic, such as highway entrances and toll booths, so each person can basically promote five vehicles per day.Same periodThe revenue is leading in the industry.ExpectCompared with the promotion volume of twenty to thirty units per day, it is indeed not a lot, so the company has formulated this favorable policy for channel dealers.

Please believe that at any time, the company will stand with the channel dealers and think what they think, which also lays the foundation for long-term cooperation between the two parties. In such a long period of time, no channel dealer has ever withdrawn midway, which is inseparable from the company's development concept and cooperation policy for agents.